Clarkes Couch




Trauma Therapy

Who am I?




Sometimes we find ourselves stuck. Stuck in relationships, stuck in trauma, stuck in life.  Stuck being at the beck-and-call of people. 


Regardless of the situation, when we work together, we are able to better identify what fits and how we can safely move towards thriving as opposed to just suriving. 



The most difficult thing about going through life upheavals is not always the actual thing but the environment internally and externally in which supports the chaos going around.


The thing that makes life upheavals difficult is when the demand for one's life outweighs our current internal resources. 


This is where my support comes in. Support can come in many forms and be depending on your challenges.

Don’t let anyone discourage you from seeking your happiness however it makes sense to you.  Whether it is through therapy or a support group.  Whatever you are going through, you are not alone. Chances are, speaking with a professional will help you see your life’s challenges in a different light, gain coping mechanisms, replenish lost inner resources and bring strength to where you thought you couldnt go on. 


Through the support,I hope to make you stronger and able to wake up in the morning with renewed strength for what has passed. 

What I do?

Trauma (crime, domestic, grief, pain, hospital, assult, bullying)

Phobia/Fear (birds, needles, spiders, public speaking etc)


Self esteem /Self worth 



We don't know each other yet, but I am committed to getting to know you at a pace that feels right to you and natural for both of us. Although I am a skilled therapist, I'm a newbie in your life and I look forward to getting to know you. Together, in my rooms, we will create a space for you to feel, hurt, cry, mourn and to let go of the pain you have been holding alone. Our relationship is a blank canvas, on which we will create your best masterpiece yet! You will blossom and evolve into the person you never thought was possible, and I'll be here to hold all the heaviness for you. 


Narcissist recovery

COVID 19 - trauma/ hospitalization /grief


Feeling stuck in life

Alterternative assisted therapies

Siobhan is a board registered Functional Therapy Counsellor specializing in Anxiety, depression & Trauma [crime, divorce, pain, surgery, grief, abuse etc.] as well as recovery from abuse including self-worth/Self-Esteem using various modalities depending on each individual’s needs. The trauma-informed approach seeks to discover the root-cause of why you're not able to move forward in life. Sessions focus on dealing with your current challenges as well as implementing goals that are presented to get your life back on track.