About me

I was stuck, dating the wrong people, stuck in a career I hated and seemly felt like I kept attracting “bad luck” into my life, until I started working on the things that were actually influencing the way I lived my life, the decisions I made and the beliefs about all these things that were essentially keeping me walking in circles. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are doing “everything” but nothing is changing.  I’m stuck. That's what years of my life felt like. Always waiting for something to get better, for something to shift or change. No amount of affirmations, “living authentically” or meditation was getting me out of the limbo. 


I’m here to tell you that there are things that you can do. I have an amazing program that will Zap your  trauma completely. (whether yesterday or 20 years ago.) I  re-write your current overwhelming feelings with something more functional - like calmness, neutrality (whatever is needed). With an incredible set of tools, I essentially signal to your brain that you aren't in survival mode anymore and the brain is able to file that/those memories away as no longer useful. (Just like your brain feels about the  breakfast you had 3 weeks ago on a Wednesday. Can you remember what it was? Probably not and you don't need to! It's not useful and irrelevant to your life). Can you imagine for a second what you would feel like on the daily, if all the destructive things and triggers that haunt you were considered irrelevant? The amount of lightness and calmness you would feel. Well, that's what I do. 


We then install resources” - tools to rebuild your nervous system to (a) cope with life's challenges generally so you more resilient and (b) make decisions, put up boundaries and do things needed 


I show you how to get out of the patterns that keep you stuck. 


You will start seeing results in about  12 weeks . 


I'm giving you the tools, mindset and foundations to accomplish your goals, get rid of unwanted feelings hampering your life, make decisions easily, put up boundaries with no guilt, fix your relationships and live life feeling lighter and with more energy.


Reg # NP1005063 | Practice # NHP0101662147